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Be Inspired….for Winter

It’s Winter….

Time to get inspired by Winter woollies, cold-weather cocktails and what’s hot in interiors.

Wrapping Up….

As the temperature falls, those chilly dog walks are certainly more bearable when you’re swathed in chunky sweaters, cosy scarves and woolly hats. And on really cold days the dogs will appreciate some extra layers too. Check out Redhound For Dogs’ fleeces and coats collection – they’re practical and stylish, our favourite combination. Click Here for More

Cosy Up with a Good Book….

Settle down in front of the fire and get tuned into your senses with Alexandra Horowitz’s ‘Being A Dog’. This fascinating exploration of how dogs experience the world is “a tour through the improbable science about the olfactory abilities of the dog – and the abilities of our own noses.”  Click here to View

Hounds on a Health Kick….

As the humans embark on Dry January, there’s no reason why the hounds should miss out on a healthy start to 2019. AniForte’s pet foods, supplements and care products use 100% natural ingredients. The team are always available to give free advice – head to their website to find out why Green-Lipped Mussels are a true superfood. Click here to find out more

Warm Colours…

The Dulux Colour Of The Year for 2019 is Spiced Honey. It’s wonderfully warm, works beautifully on walls and is surprisingly versatile. Which is one of the reasons we picked a similar shade for our brand new Sofa Topper colour for 2019 – Caramel. Keep an eye on our  INSTAGRAM feed and you’ll be the first to see the new range. Click to View

Marvellous Metallics….

We were delighted to see metallic Christmas decorations all over the shops again this year – not least because this chic décor theme has longevity beyond December. All that copper, brass and rose gold works brilliantly in the form of mirrors, picture frames, office accessories and more. Check out this Wired Copper Light Garland from Cox & Cox. Put it up for Christmas, keep it there all year!

Winter Cocktails….

Forget pina coladas and margaritas – in the Winter we need rich, warming cocktails to spice up our evenings. Check out this brilliant range of recipes from House and Garden.

We love the Hot Toddy with whisky, ginger wine, honey and lemon – not only is it delicious, it has medicinal qualities too. Win win!

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