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Be Inspired….for Spring

It’s Springtime….

Rejuvenate, recharge, revitalise – it’s the season to Spring into action!

Get outside….

As dog owners, we’re all used to being out and active come rain or shine. But there is something rather exciting about seeing the first Spring flowers shoot up, taking walks in the early evening, and strolling on a beach without wellies and an anorak. Take a look at our blog for some awesome seaside spots that stay open to dogs all year round.

Vegan vibes….

Make the most of all the season’s gorgeous fresh produce and embrace the ever-growing trend for vegan eating. We’re not vegan but we love the recipes in BOSH! Seasonal dishes at this time of year include anything with artichoke, asparagus, celeriac, fennel or radish. We’ve also been talking a lot lately about the rise in vegan dog food. It’s a controversial subject but one that we’d love to hear your thoughts on. Email us on this or anything else at [email protected]

Express your creativity….

It’s the season of new beginnings and the perfect time for a new hobby. Drawing and painting not only give you an outlet for your creativity, they also relieve stress on the mind which in turn relaxes the body. Get more inspiration from the wonderful drawings and paintings by Dotty Dog Art. And if your own artistic juices just aren’t flowing, commission them to create a bespoke painting for you. Find out more here

Spring clean your hound...

Get your hound smelling fresh as a daisy (or, erm, a lavender bush) with The Dog And I’s gorgeous 100% Coconut Oil Soap with Lavender and Poppy Seeds. It produces an amazing lather for gentle but effective cleansing of sticky paws and greasy coats. Also very handy when they roll in fox poo.

Collar colours....

As soon as the sun comes out, The Lounging Hound team immediately starts online shopping for denim shorts, summer dresses and flip flops. Yes, even though we know deep down that it’s going to be sub-10 degrees for a good few weeks yet. Get some retail therapy by updating your hound’s wardrobe instead. The Velveteen Hound have stylish handmade leather and suede collars in popping spring colours.

Box of delights....

Subscribe to a box of treats for your dog and you will both be wagging your tails (literally or metaphorically) when the postman arrives. Full of healthy, natural treats that are brilliant for hounds with sensitive tummies or other allergies, each Collar Club box also contains an eco-friendly toy, with a “tough toy option” for enthusiastic chewers. Find out more here

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