Christmas Gifts for Dogs

It’s that time of year again! Over at The Lounging Hound, we absolutely love the lead-up to Christmas. The nights draw in, the festive lights are switched on, and the decorating begins!

One thing that many of us might not enjoy, however, is Christmas shopping. Deciding what to get for everyone can feel like a time-intensive exercise, and you never quite know whether your gift will be well received. Unless of course, you get them something they’ve hinted at for months, which does ruin the surprise a bit! But what if we told you that there’s another way to their heart?

If they have a precious pooch that they adore more than anything in the world, then why not get something that is both practical and luxurious? Although the gift won’t necessarily be for your loved one, they will rejoice in knowing that what they received is genuinely useful and will make their favourite furry friend happy for years to come.

Here are some of our top Christmas gifts that all dog-lovers will enjoy:

checked travel car boot dog bed topperFor the Adventurers – Boot Toppers and Travel Rolls

First off, for all the travellers and explorers out there, we have Boot Toppers and Travel Rolls available in a variety of different sizes, designs and materials! Our Boot Boppers are perfect for keeping car boots dry and free of mud and dirt – especially during this wet and windy time of year. It also keeps our furry friends cosy and comfy during journeys to the countryside, beach or closer to home.

Travel rolls are super soft and cosy for dogs, easy to store and wash, perfect for travelling and carrying, and compliment homes nicely. What’s not to like here? If your friend loves to travel, then they’ll need one of these. They are a great way to help their pet feel right at home, even when staying in an unfamiliar place. Whether they love to camp under the stars, hit the road in their camper or stay at AirBnBs across the country, our travel rolls give dogs somewhere comfy and familiar to sleep. They also take up considerably less space in the car boot than a bulky dog bed!

For the Mucky Dog Owners – Sofa Toppers and Cushions

For those with messy or hairy hounds, one of our gorgeous Sofa Toppers would be the ideal gift this Christmas. They come in an array of different sizes, colours and materials so that you can find something for any style of decor. Sofa Toppers are designed to protect home furnishings and made with hounds in mind – practical and built to last, easy to clean and perfect all year round. They add comfort and style to any home, especially those with long-haired dogs or ones that like to jump in muddy puddles!

Our Scatter Cushions are also the perfect accessory to complement our sofa toppers and are available in a variety of shapes, patterns and colours. You can match the colour of the Sofa Topper or mix it up with a delicate pattern. Whatever their style might be, there’s always room for another Cushion on our sofas. They add so much comfort for all to enjoy and can totally transform the look of a room!

For the Fashion-Lovers – Bolster and Pillow Beds

The penultimate Christmas gifts we had in mind for you are our Velvet, Cotton and Wool Bolster Beds and Pillow Beds. Our Bolster Beds are comfortable, supportive and super-stylish and come in three different sizes, perfect for small, medium or large dogs. You must warn your friend that their furry companions may end up spending more time snoozing and relaxing throughout the day in one of these comfy beds! They are perfect for those who need to upgrade their hounds’ bed and want something that will last. It is a gift that keeps on giving.

Our Pillow Beds are great alternatives. Designed from beautiful fabrics, they are deep filled for comfort, durable and eco-friendly. Plus they are available in a variety of styles and sizes. With these beds, your dog will sink in and drift off easily and quickly. The gorgeous designs will complement your home furnishings and make having a Dog Bed in your living space a pleasure.

For the Ones Who Love To Cuddle – Blankets and Throws

Last but not least, we have our gorgeous collection of Blankets and Throws. These can be paired up with any of our Beds and Rolls to help keep hounds snug and warm. But these aren’t exclusively for dogs! Many of our customers use them to snuggle up on the sofa, keep them on the end of their beds or tuck them away in the car for long journeys.

We have Classic Wool Throws, Knitted Alpaca Throws, Merino Herringbone and Lambswool Throws, Pure New Wool Throws, and so much more. All our Throws are versatile and chic, made from natural breathable fabrics, easy to clean and lovingly made in the UK.

It’s a Christmas gift that is sure to leave a lasting impression and be truly cherished. They look absolutely beautiful sitting on a sofa or in a chair and brighten up any room, making it feel cosy and complete. So whether it’s your mother-in-law, nephew or the friend who has everything, our Throws and Blankets are the perfect gifts!

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If you have any queries about the products we’ve mentioned, just contact us by email and we are more than happy to give you some additional information. Alternatively, pick up the phone and call 07808 778020. We hope you have a great day, and this makes Christmas shopping that little bit easier!