When going on dog walks, what we wear and take in the summer won’t be the same as in the winter months. In warmer temperatures, you can simply stroll about in a t-shirt and shorts, but leaving the house often requires a bit more planning in the winter. However, this doesn’t mean hanging up the leash and waiting for the sun to shine.

As dog owners, we benefit alongside our dogs when going for walks. We experience improved cardiovascular fitness, lowered blood pressure, decreased stress, stronger muscles and healthier bones. Dogs need to be walked at least once a day in order to stay clear of obesity, remain entertained and happy. They love all the new sights and smells as well as spending time with their owner. Take this away from them, and they can become bored and possibly destructive at home. Winter walks are essential, and there are ways to make them enjoyable – even in the rain!


  • Collar and leash
  • Dog poop bags
  • Collapsible water bowl and water
  • Dog treats

Then there are the items that aren’t essential but can be useful depending on the situation and season you are in. For example, toy breeds with short coats may benefit from some extra layers when it’s cold outside – no one wants to shiver, not even your dog! Larger dogs may be easier to handle with a harness as well. Toys like balls and frisbees can also keep walks fun and help you exercise your dog without walking for miles.

You can also pick up items such as a clicker if they are clicker trained and citronella spray to safely deter potentially aggressive dogs if you are worried about other dogs in your area. This is, again, dependent on your own situation and preferences.

So, what do we need for dog walks when it comes to winter?

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Three Things You Need For Winter Walkies!Wellies

First off, you’re going to need something for yourself. The winter pavements and trails are going to be wet and muddy, meaning you’ll need to get yourself some wellies! The improved grip will ensure you don’t slip and hurt yourself, while the waterproof elements protect your feet from getting soaked. We’ve all experienced walking through wet grass and then being stuck in cold, wet trainers for the rest of the walk, and it is a horrible feeling!

Did you know that wellies were originally invented for soldiers back in the mid-1900s? They are designed for different terrains and bleak weather, so whether you live in a busy city or are surrounded by fields, wellies can make a huge difference to your walk.

Boot Toppers

If you and your dog like to explore, don’t let the cold weather stop you! With our Boot Toppers, you can take your dog further afield for walks without your car getting filthy while you drive home. Our Boot Toppers are designed to fit into the car boot so your dog can be comfy and warm while you drive home, without spreading dirt across your car. All you have to do is simply choose from the sizes provided – Small (95cm x 85cm), Medium (110cm x 95cm), Large (115cm x 110cm), or email us at [email protected] for a bespoke size.

All the Boot Topper requires is a soft hand brush to remove loose dirt and hair, and then when it needs washing, you just remove the outer cover, pop it in the washing machine on a gentle cycle with a low spin, and then let it dry naturally. It’s a lot less work – not to mention cheaper – than having the car professionally cleaned after every trip!

Boot Toppers come in a range of different colours, patterns and materials. They are moisture absorbent, anti-slip, and waterproof reverse. These Boot Toppers will keep your car clean and your dog content at the same time.

Travel Rolls

Finally, it is always handy to keep a Travel Roll with you in case your dog needs to sit on your back seat if you have shopping in the boot. Our Travel Rolls are super-soft and cosy, easy to store away, perfect for travelling, and simple to wash. They come in Luxe Velvet, Organic Cotton and Plush Velvet variations.

But why use a travel roll on a winter walk?

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Well, if you’re out for walkies and you stop off somewhere to sit down and have a rest and some refreshments, your pooch won’t want to sit on the cold hard floor, especially if it’s been walking a long time and is wet. So, give them something much more comfortable to sit on instead, and they will happily rest and relax while you refresh yourselves.  Don’t forget to give your dog a bowl of water at this time as well! Bed Rolls are extremely popular with longer hair breeds as they can help keep them dry and more comfortable for the rest of the walk. They are also suitable for dogs that have very fine coats or are very lean – such as whippets and greyhounds, as these types of dogs do not like to lie on hard surfaces for long periods. 

Our Travel Rolls come in three sizes, Small (70cm L x 50cm W), Medium (100cm L x 65cm W), and Large (120cm L x 80cm W), so you can choose the one that suits your dog perfectly! Not only that, but they are even great for around the home or when you go on holiday.

If you are looking to protect your home and pamper your pooch this winter, be sure to browse our website to find a wide range of beds, sofa toppers, cushions and blankets designed with dog owners in mind.