Happy Hounds….

Happy Hounds…. 2019-01-20T18:01:10+00:00

“Happy Hounds”

We love nothing more than seeing Happy ‘Lounging Hounds’ enjoying our products….

The gorgeous Therapy Dog ‘Scout’ lounging on a Teal Velvet Travel Roll which he won at The Game Fair in 2018.  We are delighted it went to such a deserving home!

‘Kona’ the Frenchie taking ownership of a Grey Velvet Sofa Topper…

‘Buster’ the black and white Greyhound looking very warm and cosy on a Seaspray Velvet Sofa Topper!

French Bulldog ‘Rocky’ ready for his close up on a Slate Velvet Sofa Topper…

‘Tess’ the Pomeranian sitting pretty on her Magenta Cotton Striped Bed…..

A very white ‘Stanley’ on a very dark Velvet Memory Foam Mattress…..

Angela’s gorgeous image of her hound could be straight from our very own website!

‘Rocky’ enjoying his new Camel Wool Topper and Grass and Tangerine Cushions…

The handsome ‘Dexter’ relaxing on a bespoke L-shaped Topper in Grey Wool.

‘Smokey’ the cat looking purrrfectly pretty on a Plum Plush Velvet Topper!

‘Barney’, ‘Beazley’ and ‘Petey’ looking adorable on their Bespoke Crushed Velvet Topper.

‘Duke’ looking elegant (and very white!) on his Teal Plush Velvet Sofa Topper.

Turmeric Plush Velvet Topper ‘Reserved for the Dog!’ of course…..

What better way to relax than on an Airforce Blue Plush Velvet Sofa Topper!

‘Mabel’ the Frenchie performing a celebratory roll on her Grey Wool Topper!

The Lounging Hound’s very own ‘Stanley’ on a gorgeous Blush Velvet Sofa Topper!

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