Why I Love My Hound…

All dogs are awesome. That’s an indisputable fact. But let’s be honest, everyone thinks their breed is the best.

Read on to find out why we love our favourite dog breeds..!

Favourite Dog Breeds Whippets


Why I love Whippets by Kerry Jordan

Professional photographer Kerry is a self-confessed Whippet collector, with a family of four Whippets and a Whippet cross. “I love Whippets because of their contradictions. They could happily sleep all day until you get them outside and then they can go from zero to 30mph in the blink of an eye. I love their quirky nature, all high and mighty until they get their favourite toy and then they go all silly. I have learned though that the five second rule becomes the 0.00002 second rule – if a whippet is in the vicinity, food isn’t safe. Whippets aren’t dogs, they are Whippets – a law unto themselves.

Indulge yourself in a whole world of wonderful Whippet moments on Kerry’s Instagram feed.





Favourite Dog Breeds Frenchies

@russelltovey on Instagram


Why I love French Bulldogs by Russell Tovey

High maintenance but full of character and exceptionally loving and loyal, French Bulldogs are now the UK’s most popular dog breed. If you’re not already following actor Russell Tovey and the adorable Rocky on Instagram, start now. Here’s what Russell had to say about Frenchies in a recent interview with The Times.

“I genuinely believe that a Frenchie’s personality is unlike any other dog. They make proper eye contact. You can project human emotions on to them. With other breeds, usually you’re the master and whatever you’re doing, the dog follows you. Not with a Frenchie. When Rocky is in my bed and I get up, he stays under the duvet and gives me lots of side-eye. I jump in the shower, have breakfast, and when I go back in the bedroom he’s just looking at me. He gets up, has a little yoga stretch, comes to the kitchen and waits for his food. He does a couple of little tricks, but like he doesn’t want to do them. I’m saying, ‘C’mon, roll over, paw, paw’, going through the ritual as Rocky is rolling his eyes. You think: ‘What sort of dog is this? The master’s up, getting on with his day, and you’re just chilling.’ It’s hilarious.”




Favourite Dog Breeds Spaniels

Why I love Spaniels by Megan Williams

Photographer and blogger Megan photographs and writes about gorgeous Woody and Wilma on her website The Cotswold Spaniels.

“They are the perfect package of beauty, companionship and energy…with batteries that never run out. Although there are so many different varieties of Spaniels, Working Cocker Spaniels are my absolute favourite. Their brain is always on meaning they need a job to do; but if that’s not going down the working route of being a Gundog there’s still so much to do with a pet just like Woody. Agility, Flyball & Obedience, all things that make them use their brains and it’s great fun for both human and hound to take part in. Although Wilma is only 50% Spaniel (don’t tell her as she believes she’s true spaniel deep down), she is actually a Show Cocker Spaniel compared to Woody as a Working Cocker. Most people assume they’re the same breed, but there’s actually a huge difference between the Show and Working type in temperament and energy levels. They are both absolutely gorgeous breeds and I hope I always have at least one spaniel in my life.”



Favourite Dog Breeds Labradors

@benfogle on Instagram


Why I love Labrador Retrievers by Ben Fogle

In his book Labrador: The Story Of The World’s Favourite Dog, Ben Fogle describes the breed as “famed for its fierce loyalty and ferocious love of food”. He’s not wrong. This is how he explains his love of Labrador Retrievers, writing in The Telegraph soon after the arrival of Storm in his life.

“Kind, loyal, diligent, hardworking, biddable, gentle and faithful: I may be biased, but it’s no surprise that the Labrador is the most popular breed in the world. What attracts me most to Labradors is their happy-go-lucky, bouncy, tail-wagging personalities. They project a euphoria that I find contagious. It is a refreshing antithesis to the cold modern world. When was the last time you said good morning to a stranger on the Tube? A Labrador wouldn’t dream of missing the opportunity to say hello and will always give strangers the benefit of the doubt. It’s an attractive trait, although, of course, there’s always the hope that you might also have a biscuit in your pocket.”




Favourite Dog Breeds Borders

@lorrainekellysmith on Instagram


Why I love Border Terriers by Lorraine Kelly

TV presenter Lorraine Kelly is a big fan of Border Terriers and was more than happy to talk about her love of the breed when puppy Angus arrived earlier this year. “They are such clever, funny and loyal dogs, with loads of personality. They are brilliant with children and they need lots of walks, which I love. Angus is a bit of a handful at the moment and thinks I am a chew toy, but with a bit of patience he will soon be perfectly trained. Already I can’t imagine life without him. There’s nothing better than that enthusiastic welcome when you walk through the front door or curling up on the sofa with a sleepy puppy at your feet.”

Read the full article here and see how Angus is getting along on Lorraine’s Instagram feed.




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