The Lounging Hound on getting fit with your dog

Dogs make the best workout partners, so if you’re planning a new exercise regime for 2018, get your hound involved!


Active seniors running with their dog outside in green nature

Walk like you mean it

Walking is one of the best ways to exercise but when you’re with your dog it’s all too easy to amble along enjoying the view while they tear around at lightning speed. Get yourself in the zone by wearing trainers and workout gear for two or three of your weekly walks. Then up the speed so that you’re power walking or jogging alongside your four-legged friend. You could even try interval training – quick sprints followed by a slow jog – which is even more fun for an energetic hound.



woman holding dog in yoga class

Doing the downward dog

Take your hound along to a doga class (that’s human yoga where dogs are welcome – they won’t be expected to perform the warrior pose). Doga aims to relieve tension and anxiety in your and your dog, and as you get more experienced, you can start doing poses together. There aren’t many classes outside of London but you can easily try this at home – look at Mahny Djahanguiri’s YouTube channel or check out her book Doga: Yoga For You And Your Dog.



Beautiful Rough Collies in long jump on agility competition.

Agility antics

Britain’s fastest growing dog sport, agility training is brilliant way of getting fit with your dog. It develops an especially strong bond between dogs and their owners, and it’s a fantastic workout for humans – keeping up with your hound as she whizzes up, over and through obstacles. You can join classes just for fun, or take it to the next level and start training for competitions. There’s lots of info at The Kennel Club website including a club finder to find your local agility club.



A happy dog Jack Russell Terrier lying resting after play with a small Tennis ball on green lawn outdoor at summer day

Practice your tennis serve

If you’re lucky enough to have a dog that loves to fetch and return (we only know dogs that love to fetch and then not give back…) make the most of them and head to the tennis court. You’ll get a great core workout, not to mention strengthening your upper body and improving your service skills, while your hound will be beside himself with all that chasing and fetching.




Muddy Dog ChallengeGet muddy together

Start training now for the Battersea Dogs & Cats Home Muddy Dog Challenge, a dog-friendly obstacle course that will have you scrambling under nets, through muddy tubes and into ball pools – all while raising money for charity. It promises to be “a day of mud, sweat and cheers”, taking place at various locations in the UK between June and September. More info and sign up details here.




Sofa_Airforce_Lifestyle_FBPost-workout snuggle

And after exercising, what better way for you and your pooch to relax than cuddling up on the sofa (ideally on your Lounging Hound sofa topper). You won’t be burning any calories, but you’ll be ever so comfy 🙂





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