Greyhounds Make Great Pets….!

Celebrating the The Lounging Hound’s favourite charity “The Greyhound Trust”

Here at The Lounging Hound we have always been great supporters of the Greyhound Trust (formerly the Retired Greyhound Trust) – not least because our wonderful first greyhound Jessie came from them.

 With branches all over the UK and around 1,000 volunteers (some of whom are pictured here), the Trust homes up to 4,000 retired racing greyhounds every year.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, our family greyhounds Katie and Swift were the inspiration for The Lounging Hound. (You only need to spend ten minutes in the company of these sofa-loving beauties to understand why…) So here’s some more insight into the joy of greyhounds, through the eyes of their (and our!) lovely mum, Sonia:

“My daughter had seen rescue greyhounds on the web and we wanted another dog so we decided to give them a try. I came home to find this large dog sitting in a chair staring at me! Not sure which of us was most surprised!

Jessie was very intelligent and learnt to open the doors of rooms but she was also very nervous when we got her . She was a one-person dog and just loved my daughter who would do anything with her. We were so upset when she died and had no hesitation in getting more greyhounds.

Kate and Swift came from the Retired Greyhound Trust in Brentwood in Essex. Kate is super lazy and placid, extremely friendly, very greedy and just gorgeous. Swift is very sensitive, alert, intelligent and stylish. She won the Prettiest Bitch competition at the local Dog Show!

Both dogs are very easy to look after. They live mainly on the sofas in the lounge so I always know where they are. Greyhounds seldom bark, they’re not excitable and they don’t jump over visitors.  They are also very good with babies and children.

They are very sensitive creatures and do not like loud noises or bangs. Firework night is a nightmare. The biggest challenge is that we cannot let Kate or Swift off the lead except in a small park nearby with high railings (they can jump high!).  The urge to run is very strong in this type of dog and however much they love you, they would be off.

Having said that, they are gentle companions and make wonderful pets. Although they look large they do not need a lot of exercise – they love to lie around and sleep.”


Still not sure you’re the right match for a greyhound? Here’s what the Greyhound Trust have to say… “Greyhounds are very adaptable and our homing policies are flexible. Our dedicated volunteers work hard to match the right greyhound with the right family; even if you work, have children, can’t walk very far or have other pets, we consider all circumstances and look at all situations individually, so it’s always worth getting in touch with your local branch.


Mole velvet sofa topper    Peony wool sofa topper        

Photos: Kate, Swift and some of The Lounging Hound’s human children – our very first sofa topper models.



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