The Lounging Hound’s tips for keeping cool this summer

Even if your hound is a sun worshipper, we all know the importance of keeping them safe in hot weather. Here are our tips for staying cool when the temperature rises.


Ruffwear cooling vest

Staying cool in a Ruffwear vest


Be wise on walks

Make the most of cool early mornings and balmy evenings for playtimes and walks. Offer plenty of drinking water – a collapsible water bowl like this one from Beco Pets is really handy. Always avoid hot pavements – and if your hound does get sore paws, try this amazing skin salve from The Dog And I. When you know you’ll be out in the heat of the day, the innovative cooling vests (pictured) from Ruffwear are a godsend.




Pawsecco Freeze Pops

Pawsecco Freeze Pops


Frozen treats

We’re not suggesting you share your Mr Whippy with your hound. Try some homemade frozen treats instead.We’ll be trying out some of the recipes on You could also stuff their Kong toy (or any other stuffable toy) with their favourite snack and freeze the whole thing. Or for really pampered pooches, indulge in Woof & Brew’s Pawsecco Freeze Pops. Chin chin!




Slumbering Hound bandana

Slumbering Hound bandana


Chilled out accessories

Soak your dog’s bandana in cold water, wring it out and tie it on – an instant hit of ice cool accessorising! You can even put it in the freezer for longer lasting comfort on really hot days. The awesome Rock Lobster bandanas from Slumbering Hound have a suitably summery vibe. They’re handmade, 100% cotton and available in four sizes.






Sweet William water bowl

Sweet William water bowl


Ice cool

Adding ice chips to your hound’s water dish (we love the adorable Sweet William designs) will help them cool off and give them something to crunch on. Despite internet rumours to the contrary, iced water is safe for dogs. Just don’t let them gulp it down too fast and go for ice chips rather than cubes.




The Lounging Hound throw

Wool throw in Flamingo


Embrace natural fabrics

One of the reasons we love natural fabrics at The Lounging Hound is their incredible ability to adapt to the seasons. Our wool and organic cotton products are warm and cosy in winter but they are also breathable. In hot weather our soft beds, sofa toppers, throws and travel rolls will wick away moisture (and odours!) and keep your hound cool.




Get the sprinkler out

Get the sprinkler out


Water sports

Get the paddling pool out of the shed and fill with shallow, cool water. Assuming the kids don’t complain, you could even float some treats in the pool for double the fun. Then get the sprinkler out and watch hounds, kids and anyone else in close proximity go crazy.







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